about us

MIID prides itself on helping students to create innovative environments through in-depth study that covers everything from fundamentals of color, spatial relationships, lighting and design history to the most advanced courses in computer aided design, as well as studies in the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui and our new added Fashion Program

MIID graduates acquire the skills designers need to meet the demands of this global profession. Whether learning the importance and skills necessary to design residential space, hospitals, restaurants and offices with barrier-free access, or the latest programs in computer aided design; our students learn a wide range of information and techniques taught by faculty who work in the field.

In a growing and competitive industry our graduates are employable and many find work with major firms even before they finish their studies. They are employed by architectural firms, manufacturers of furniture, textile and lighting who know they will find well-educated students. Career placement board, listing dozens of opportunities, are made available through the school's career placement service.

MIID maintains small class sizes, personalized instruction, guidance and support. Courses, depending on the class, are offered in the day, evening and weekends.

We at MIID are proud of our reputation in the design industry. The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design is licensed by the New York State Education Department. If you require additional information on our school license you can contact school administration or the NYS Department of Education.

The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design-MIID's Universal Feng Shui Certification Training Program has achieved the level of Gold School membership according to the International Feng Shui Guild. This is the only Feng Shui Certificate program to be licensed by the New York State Department of Education, and now the only Feng Shui Certificate program on Long Island with the highest level of credentials.

Reasons to attend a licensed school include:

NYS licenses the School Directors and Instructors
NYS approves curriculums and equipment
Admissions agents are certified by NYS
Employers recognize licensed schools as quality Institutions