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An Earth-Friendly, Euro-Style Kitchen - By Sylvia E. King-Cohen

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HUNTINGTON, NY - When Christine A. Bushell, owner of SynerCh'i Feng Shui Solutions, and her husband, Rick Bushell, purchased their home in Huntington Village, they knew they wanted to adhere to feng shui principles. They also wanted an eco-friendly makeover. This included choosing the east side of the house for the kitchen, an important room in feng shui, to harness the maximum ch'i from the rising sun. "When you're preparing food to nourish your family, it is important that you have that energy and positive ch'i," says Christine Bushell, 51. Rick, 47, an executive with British Airways, also adheres to feng shui practices. TOTAL: $40,553 Includes $8,000 in construction and installation costs by TB Remodeling Corp. of West Babylon, an eco contractor. Electrical work ($2,200) done by G.B. Power Inc. in Huntington Village. Bushell said her usual fee for a makeover of this type would start at $2,700.

BEFORE. Christine, who teaches the diploma course in Universal Feng Shui at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in Syosset, offered this advice to those starting out on a renovation: Finding a good eco-conscious contractor who sources products for you is a great help. Christine estimated that going green can add 20 percent or more to a job. "We felt our health is worth the investment." Photo Credit: Handout

AFTER. Christine and Rick Bushell's redesigned kitchen. "We used no-VOC paint, products with no petrochemicals, even green Sheetrock, and we had the granite countertop honed to cut down on electromagnetic energy. Typical granite emits radon gases and off-gassing can last up to 7 years." (April 2010) Photo Credit: Danielle Finkelstein