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Better traffic flow, more togetherness - By Sylvia E. King-Cohen

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Homeowners Ray and Angela McCusker's Fort Salonga home didn't flow. In fact, it was sort of closed off and encouraged family members to go their own way, said Angela, 47, a software engineer. And in the living room, some of the furniture faced away from the door - definitely not good feng shui. "We're feeling the chi now," says Ray, 52, who works in Hauppauge in the pharmaceutical industry. Christine A. Bushell introduced them to the concepts of feng shui. Bushell, of SynerCh'I: Feng Shui Solutions of Huntington Village, teaches the diploma course in Universal Feng Shui at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design in Syosset. She and associate Lois Howe of Hotpots in Nissequogue combined feng shui principles and design techniques to give the family a room that flows and brings everyone to the table.TOTAL: About $20,000 (Includes $2,250 design fee from SynerCh'I: Feng Shui Solutions, which contracted Howe's styling services.

BEFORE, LIVING ROOM. "We had two seating areas" in the living room, said homeowner Angela McCusker, "but the room felt cramped, and we didn't have a good traffic flow." Photo Credit: Handout