Universal Feng Shui Certificate Program Achieves IFSG Gold School Status

The First Feng Shui Certificate Program, licensed by the New York State Department of Education, is Gold School of the International Feng Shui Guild

Syosset, NY - September 20, 2010 - The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design-MiD announced today that the Universal Feng Shui Certification Training Program has achieved the level of Gold School membership according to the International Feng Shui Guild. This is the only Feng Shui Certificate program to be licensed by the New York State Department of Education, and now the only Feng Shui Certificate program on Long Island with the highest level of credentials.

IFSG Gold School status is the premier school membership level and requires an in-depth application process and interview. All school directors must be Red Ribbon Professionals of the IFSG (by completing an intensive assessment and agreeing to a Code of Ethics). In addition, the directors must satisfy stringent guidelines for education: a minimum allotment of training hours in person or a combination of live/online, experiential activities, projects, a mentoring program and a minimum of 40 hours covering foundational topics.

The Universal Feng Shui Program curriculum began one year ago and is about to begin its second year in just a few weeks. It will span nine months and include extensive studies, mentorship and experiential opportunities for learning and becoming certified in the practice of Feng Shui-taught by the MiD Feng Shui faculty members and selected guest speakers who are renowned experts in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a tool for healing and balancing one's life. As such it works well with the interior and exterior design arts. The Teaching of Feng Shui is an oral teaching from teacher to student. Feng Shui is the venerable Chinese Art of Placement and Design. It originated in Asia over 5,000 years ago with the objective to create homes and businesses that would not only comfortably house the occupants but also support their goals, bring good health and prosperity as well.

This new Universal Feng Shui Program has been aptly named-as it incorporates teachings from a variety of recognized Feng Shui schools such as: BTB Feng Shui, Form, Compass and others. The three primary faculty members each bring their unique specialties while ensuring continuity of Feng Shui throughout the entire program.

"We are proud of our Feng Shui faculty-Christine A. Bushell, Maureen K. Calamia and Karen Lynn Ferraro-who created the Universal Feng Shui Program to bring it into our MiD curriculum," says Anthony Maceli, President of MiD and Lisa Arato, Feng Shui Coordinator. They are highly respected professionals in their field and we are excited about what they have done throughout this new Universal Feng Shui program. Achieving International Feng Shui Guild's Gold Schools status requires significant credentials, all of which the Universal Feng Shui Certificate Program upholds."

Special events and workshops are scheduled at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design-a wonderful opportunity to meet the MiD staff and instructors, and to learn more about all of the programs at the institute:

The next 2010-2011 Universal Feng Shui Weekend Program begins October 23rd & 24th - one weekend per month through June 4th & 5th in 2011. Take the entire program for your Feng Shui certification or select specific weekend programs of interest!

To register or for more information please call 516.845.4033 or email


The Metropolitan Institute is located in Syosset, New York. Throughout the years, design professionals, art historians and architects have taught and lectured at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design. The school has experts to serve as instructors and lecturers in their areas of specialization. The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design faculty work as practicing designers in addition to being educators, authors, consultants and active members of professional design organizations, adding their knowledge and expertise to the school's curriculum and giving students special insights into the practice of their chosen field. The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design Faculty is chosen on the basis of their ability to teach combined with their design expertise. They maintain an atmosphere of enthusiasm and creativity.

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