The following are additional classes (electives) that are offered by MID:

ID-1012: Accessories
30 Hours - The interior design students develop an in-depth knowledge of different home ornament styles and how to apply them wisely to create unified, stylish, pleasing room. Individual accessories- their aesthetic and functional purposes are analyzed. Field trips will include visits to home furnishing building, house trip, guest speakers, and a visit to an art gallery. Designers learn how to sharpen their eyes for good taste and design.

ID-1005: Advanced Color
30 Hours -This course will examine the dimension of color art from a historical perspective. The student will learn how to obtain consistent and controlled color effects. Other areas of study will include theories of color harmony and contrast, color mixing and composition. There will be hands on work with acrylic paints.

ID-1018A: Bath Design
45 Hours - Drafting and designing a functional bath with working knowledge of plumbing codes, product knowledge, working with contractors, practical placement of accessories for the bath.

ID-1006: Building Codes
30 Hours - This course introduces the legal regulations and building codes and how they relate to Interior Design. The student will examine the process of code development, building codes, their revisions and the responsibility of the designer in corpora ting code requirements into their work.

ID-1011: Business Practices for Interior Designers
30 Hours -This course will examine the practical, financial, legal and business considerations of the Interior Designer. The student will learn contracts, cost and material estimating, pricing. Project management, design issues, budget requirement, letters of agreement and floor plan will be given. Professional ethics & communication skills are emphasized.

DR-001A: Revit I
30 Hours - Students with no previous knowledge of computer-aided design will gain a working knowledge of a 2-D and 3-D architectural modeling/space planning, and designing interiors with computers.

DR-001B: Revit II
30 Hours - This is a continuation of the previous computer aided design class Revit I the student will gain more in depth knowledge of architectural modeling, space planning and designing interiors with computer. This knowledge will form a strong base for a professional career in space planning and designing.

ID-1009: Contract Design
30 Hours - The focus of this course is to build on the basic skills developed in previous courses. The emphasis of this course is on the elements of non-residential interiors. Issues from site selection, programming, space planning, circulation, volume, furnishings, color and texture are examined.

ID-1022: Design Internship
90 Hours - The Design internship will be a required course of the Interior Design Advanced Diploma Program. Students will work 10 weeks for a total of 90 hours at a designated design studio or showroom selected by the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design. Students will be required to assist in display work and room settings. Specific activities will be arranged by the individual student and his/ her respective design/firm/studio/showroom. Students will be evaluated, and upon completion of required hours, the designated design studio will forward to The Metropolitan Institute a completed evaluation form summarizing his/her accomplishments. The design internship affords the student an opportunity to gain professional experience while using their knowledge of theory and practice. The students will keep a journal recording their working experience.

DR-005: Advanced Drafting
30 Hours - This class expands the student's skill and knowledge of visual communication. The process covers the evaluation of space based on architectural and construction constraints, working drawings such as floor, construction, furniture and lighting plans, sections and elevations. The design process, whether residential or commercial, will be executed form beginning to end with working drawings and presentation boards.

DR-007: Drawing on Your Creativity
24 Hours - The student will learn how to release their creativity in a two-fold process: (1) removal of the deterrent concept of talent as requirement for learning basic perceptual skills; (2) teaching and learning based on new knowledge of how the human brain works.

ID-1024: Basic Faux Finish 20 Hours - This hand on course covers a wide range of techniques used in faux finish including the basic steps for creating traditional as well as unconventional finishes in glazing, marbling, gilding and wood-grain effects for furniture, walls and art objects.

ID-1025: Advanced Faux Finish
20 Hours - Prerequisite for this course is Basic Faux Finish: ID1024. This course will continue to explore traditional and unconventional finishes and their application to various objects and furniture.

FS-101: Introduction to the Art of Feng Shui 30 Hours - Learn the basic principles of Feng Shui. How your space can mirror your current life situations. What changes you can make to support you toward a healthier; richer; balanced life. The student will be able to begin assess the interior and exterior factors that affect the Feng Shui of their own interior space. The class will include Color Theory, the 5 Elements and how to use the "Ba-gua".

ID-1028: Historical Styles
30 Hours - The students will learn to identify architectural styles of the last 600 years, and how it related to furniture of the periods. The students begin with the Renaissance through the Baroque. Neoclassicism and the architectural period of the Beaux Arts and all that it encompassed. American styles, from Gothic Revival through the various Victorian styles and the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Long Island's Gold Coast mansions will also be covered. A field trip the Guggenheim Estate in Sands Point is included.

ID-102: Basic Interior Decorating - Personal Enrichment
20 Hours - This course will cover basic decorating/designing concepts. The student will be able to decorate their home and gain knowledge and understanding of color, wall coverings, furniture styles, flooring, lighting, etc.

DR-010: Interior Design Project Presentation
45 Hours - The presentation is culminating project that provides the interior design student with techniques for presenting his/her work to a client or to an employer so that the projected concept is enhanced by its presentation, is visually and completely understandable, is well organized and is thoroughly professional.

ID-1018B: Kitchen Design
45 Hours - This course will cover the functional and aesthetic factors, which must be considered when designing a kitchen. Students will become familiar with the "work triangle" when planning for efficiency and safety. Students will show a complete comprehension of the design, concepts and graphic presentation of a kitchen layout.

ID-1007: Lighting
45 Hours - The student will be introduced to the use of lighting in aesthetic, technical and practical terms. Creative cocnepts in lighting interior spaces as well as an emphasis on the architectural aspects of lighting design will be covered. Other areas of discussion will be floor planning, color, materials and the behavior of light.

ID-1023: Materials and Finishes
30 Hours - This course will familiarize the student with the various properties and uses of materials and finishes and their relationship to one another. Through lectures and presentations one will learn the application and proper use of a variety of materials used in construction and design.

DR-002: Perspective Drawing
30 Hours - This is a foundation course for all design and architectural presentations. This course teaches the student how to illustrate ideas in three-dimensional terms. A student will construct will construct one and two point perspective drawings.

ID-1004: Residential Design
30 Hours - The focus of this course is to build on the basic skills developed in previous courses. An expanded view of contemporary and traditional floor and furniture plans as well as fabrics and finishes. An emphasis is placed on the complete design process through presentation.

ID-1027: Sustainable Residential & Commercial Design
45 Hours - This course introduces an environmentally conscious approach to residential and commercial design. Students will become familiar with the importance of "Green Design" and will review the benefits of sustainable products.

DR-010: Interior Design Project Presentation
45 Hours - The presentation is culminating project that provides the interior design student with techniques for presenting his/her work to a client or to an employer so that the projected concept is enhanced by its presentation, is visually and completely understandable, is well organized and is thoroughly professional.

ID-103: Resource Trips, Decorator Showrooms and Museums
30 Hours - Tours are conducted and led in a group by the instructor. Included is discussion and summary. Lectures are given in each showroom as they are in the museums.

IDM-100: Textiles
30 Hours - This course will explore the properties of cellulose fibers, natural fibers, synthetic and special application fibers, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics. Non-woven and other methods of fabric construction. Dying and printing, finishes, textile and regulations.

ID-1014: Window Design
30 Hours - Career oriented students will be able to work with manufacturers, installers and designers in recommending, designing, measuring and installing window treatments for residential and commercial settings. Students will become knowledgeable in all current styles.


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2. Classes are subject to cancellation.
3. Library books are available for 1 week rental.
4. The tuition amounts shown are to be paid in full on or before the first day of the course unless enrolled in a tuition payment plan.
5. Books and materials are the responsibility of the student and are to be purchased independently.
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