frequently asked questions

What kind of degree will I receive when I graduate from MID?
Upon completion of our Interior Designers Program, students will receive a diploma of completion. Upon completion of our Advanced Studies Program, students will receive an advanced diploma.

Are Individual Electives available at MID?
Yes. Students may take elective classes to earn credits.

How long does a semester run at MID?
A typical semester for our Interior Designers Program is approximately 16 weeks in length. Electives vary depending on the class.

Will I receive a Diploma when I graduate?
Yes. You will receive a diploma when you complete our four part program or our advanced program.

Do you offer internship opportunities and job placement?
Yes. We have internships available as well as job opportunities to all our students.

Do you offer advisement for students?
Teachers and program directors are available to answer any questions you may have.

Is there a fabric library available on the premises?
Yes. We receive new samples regularly as the latest trends become available.

When will I receive my final grades?
Final grades are submitted five days after the last class is completed.

Will my projects be returned to me?
Projects will be held no longer than thirty days after the completion of your last class.