2014 Schedule


Feb 1st-2nd - Intro to Feng Shui
March 1st-2nd - Cultivating Chi and Intuition
April 5th-6th - Tao of Feng Shui
May 3rd-4th - Feng Shui Architecture & Interior Design
June 7th-8th - Feng Shui Health & Green Living
July & August - no class
Sept 13th-14th - The Wisdom of the I-Ching, Astrology & Face Reading
October 18th-19th - Effects of Clutter and Feng Shui Space Clearing
November 8th-9th - Marketing and Delivering Feng Shui Consultations
December 6th-7th - Feng Shui in the Garden & Class Presentations

Universal Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Program

Weekend Course Descriptions

The ancient knowledge of Feng Shui is more relevant now than ever! Learn how to evaluate properties, perform Feng Shui staging for real estate clients, how to work with Interior Designers and Architects on new construction and renovation projects, as well as how to help residential and commercial clients through Feng Shui consultations. Feng Shui will open you up to a new level of awareness and perception about your environments and your relationships. Learn how to incorporate Feng Shui into your life and those of friends and family. Feng Shui is a holistic discipline with Taoism at its core and is a path of spiritual knowledge and transformation that will affect all areas of your life!

Our Universal Feng Shui Practitioner Program spans over nine months of intensive studies, mentorship and experiential opportunities to learn and become certified in the practice of Feng Shui. Our three primary instructors, all experts in their field, bring their own unique specialties to the program. In addition, world renowned teachers and published authors are invited to enhance the educational experience. The Certification program incorporates teachings from a variety of Feng Shui schools including BTB, Form, Compass and Classical Feng Shui.




Intensive Program - 1 weekend per month. Each weekend is part of the Certificate Program but is available to be taken individually

An Introduction to Feng Shui: (pronounced Fung Shway) which literally means "Wind & Water" two natural elements that flow and circulate the earth, is an ancient philosophy, science and art that shows us how our environments can affect how the energy flows or does not flow in a space. It teaches us about the dynamic relationship between humans and our environments and allows us to see that where we live and where we work can affect us physically and emotionally. In this introduction to Feng Shui learn how to apply an instrumental element of Feng Shui analysis, the Bagua. The Ba-Gua enables you to discern how the areas of your space (home, garden and office) are impacting the corresponding areas of your life. All spaces affect you; the important question is which areas affect what? The Bagua provides the first key to answering this question. The Feng Shui Bagua is an energetic map, a tool to diagnose energy qualities in your space. Using this map, you divide definable space into nine sections or areas, each with its own corresponding set of influences and energies. Learn how to bring vitality, clarity, and prosperity into your life!
Instructor: Christine A. Bushell, CFSP, LSA www.synerchi9.com

Developing Intuition to Enhance Feng Shui Practice: Learn various meditation techniques along with Qi Gong, Tai Chi and more to begin connecting with your higher consciousness, and understand the significance of mindfulness and intuition in the practice of Feng Shui. We will also make the connection between the Chakra energy centers and Feng Shui Bagua for recognizing where the health of the home and workspace connects with the health of those who dwell in these spaces. Since Feng Shui brings about an ability to view living and work environments from all the senses, learning how to increase inner awareness is essential for quick assessments of space and its energy.
Instructor: Karen L. Ferraro, CFSC, Certified Coach, RMT

Feng Shui Architecture & Interior Design: Starts with the conscious arrangement of furniture in a space in order to harness and manipulate the energy. Environments that are visually appealing and physically comfortable create positive energy which will support you, rather than deplete you. Learn how to recognize the flow of chi' that is articulated in design elements found in furniture collections, introducing a sense of calm to our spaces. Be the Color Alchemist and understand the design theories of incorporating the Five Natural Elements into your conceptual design. Enjoy our workshop in this study weekend and learn how to create color boards, work with floor plans and specify materials looking at shapes and scale. The practice of Feng Shui has become an irreplaceable component in the design process today. Join us for an interactive weekend and create something new in your environment!
Instructor: Christine A. Bushell, CFSC, LSA www.synerchi9.com
Instructor: RD Chin, AIA, CFSC www.rdchin.com

The Tao of Feng Shui - Connecting with the Modern World: Learn how the Chinese shaman-kings studied the land and determined where to site homes and important buildings. You will learn about the four celestial animals and the four directions, dragon veins containing earth energies, and how to apply these ancient principles to modern-day property analysis. You'll learn how roadways mimic the ancient waterways, how they effect the qi entering a building and methods to resolve inauspicious siting. Examples shown through photographs, diagrams and maps will help to demonstrate the effects of beneficial and harmful qi and how to analyze the land through "feng shui" eyes. A walking tour of a local village will illustrate these concepts and help students to become more aware of their surroundings.
Instructor: Maureen K. Calamia, CFSC, BBA, BBP www.luminous-spaces.com

The Wisdom of the I-Ching, Astrology & Face Reading: Learn how to use the ancient book of wisdom, the I-Ching, face reading and 9 Star Ki astrology to get in touch with your intuition and wisdom. These ancient Chinese techniques are helpful to incorporate into your practice and every area of your life. Move beyond what is apparent and develop hidden insight. Be inspired!
Instructor: Maureen K. Calamia, CFSC, BBA, BBP www.luminous-spaces.com

Marketing & Delivering Feng Shui: Learn marketing and business skills to integrate the practice of Feng Shui into an existing business or start an entirely new Feng Shui practice as a new career path. All the business basics you need are covered such as: how to create a marketing strategy; defining and refining your business name, image and brand; creating marketing flow from a Feng Shui perspective; how to attract clients, get referrals and keep them coming back to you; the process of conducting a Feng Shui consultation, etiquette & follow-up.
Instructor: Karen L. Ferraro, CFSC, Certified Coach, RMT www.karenlynnferraro.com

Feng Shui & Health/Green Living: Feng Shui can be used to help diagnose illness, be it physical, spiritual or emotional. See how the 5 Chinese elements are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how they are used in conjunction with the Bagua and Qi dynamics to diagnose and aid in treatment for healing. Understand the effect of electrical fields, building materials, and common household toxins on health and how we can create homes that are healthier as well as earth-friendly. Learn various dowsing techniques to detect earth energies that may be affecting the health of occupants in a home.
Instructor: Maureen K. Calamia, CFSC, BBA, BBP www.luminous-spaces.com

Feng Shui Space Clearing, Ceremonies & Rituals: There is more to Feng Shui than moving furniture around to create a pleasing look. During Feng Shui consultations, the practitioner often finds the need to clear the environment of physical clutter along with energetic clutter that may be causing significant obstacles in the space and its occupants--creating a sense of feeling stuck. Learn how to recognize clutter variations, the importance of de-cluttering physical space, and methods for clearing energetic clutter to remove obstacles that may not be visible yet felt. Begin incorporating clearing techniques, sacred ceremonies and blessing rituals to enhance space.
Instructor: Karen L. Ferraro, CFSC, Certified Coach, RMT www.karenlynnferraro.com
Instructor: Ann Bingley-Gallops, CFSC openspacesfengshui.com

Feng Shui in the Garden, Class Presentations & Assessment: A wonderful finish to an incredible course. Featuring Meditations, Tai Chi, Guest Speakers, a weekend of showcasing what you have learned by exhibiting your consultation projects. Join us to bring your Diploma Course to a close and prepare for our Graduation Ceremony!
Instructor: Christine A. Bushell, CFSP, LSA
Joined by Maureen K. Calamia, CFSC, BBA, BBP and
Karen L. Ferraro, CFSC, Certified Coach, RMT


Feng Shui Practitioner Certification: $3,950.00*
* Ask about our monthly payment plan option
For more information, please contact Lisa Arato at Lisa@met-design.com or telephone 516-845-4033.


Note: Guest lecturers and consultants in specialized fields of design are invited at the discretion of the school to give presentations for the student's enrichment in interior design.

MiD conducts all classes in a classroom setting and/or decorator showroom.

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Established since 1977.
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