A grade of "Incomplete" will be issued to students who do not complete assignments or comply with school policies. Any conduct that interferes with class instruction not in keeping with normal standards of behavior will be grounds for dismissal. Any student dismissed will not be granted re-admittance.

Students may miss a maximum of three classes per semester. Make-up classes are required for any absences.

Any combination of tardiness or leaving early equaling 3 times may be grounds for dismissal.

A student may be granted a leave of absence at the discretion of the Director. Students will not receive credit for attendance or achievement during this period. Students must request a leave of absence in writing.

All absences are subject to make-up upon approval of the instructor. Students will be allowed to attend a similar class taking place at another time, even during the following term. (Must be within 8 months from date of absence). All classes must be made up before a certificate of completion is received. (Student should notify school of make-up of attendance.)

Tutoring can be arranged for a late entrance or for a student who is absent for three or more classes in succession. These tutorials are at a nominal fee to the student.

The following is the refund policy of the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design.

A student who cancels within 7 days of signing the enrollment agreement and prior to the first day of class will receive all monies with the exception of the non-refundable registration fee.

Thereafter a student is liable for the nonrefundable registration fee, all books and supplies plus the tuition liability as of the students last day of class.

The tuition liability is as follows:

Prior to, or during the first week: Student receives 100% refund
During the second week: Student receives 80% refund
During the third week: Student receives 65% refund
During the forth week: Student receives 50% refund
During the fifth week: Student receives 30% refund
After the fifth week: Student receives 0% refund